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Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok


"Behind my smile....

I carried my broken heart wherever I went. Every miscarriage seemed to just add to the weight of my previous loss and kept the wound open. I didn't know how to heal"


Finding others who understood has been a huge support in my healing journey and something I want to pay forwards

Image by Sarah Hongerloot
Hi, I'm Nicole

I want to change the conversations we have about pregnancy loss, infertility and childlessness. So much around these subjects is still taboo, the subjects still avoided or skirted over. 


I want to raise awareness of the disenfranchised griefs linked to not travelling the expected path. Finding yourself single, re-evaluating what you want from life, navigating childlessness, redefining motherhood and becoming an older mum. 


Over the years, my childlessness and miscarriages meant I felt entirely alone, separated from the world by an invisible barrier of pain and shame. I blamed myself for my miscarriages and felt I'd failed at life. My childlessness weighed heavily on me, with each passing year I felt I was watching life passing me by. 

I am now adopting with my partner and navigating my way through this process. 

You can read more about my own story in the 'About me' tab. 

Working from Home

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